Comforting Sounds

At last! After a few weeks of drawing, scanning, After Effectsing (it’s a word) and editing, my music video/short film is finished. From the beginning, I wanted to do something short and easy to the first part of the song Ain’t it the Life with the Foo Fighters. Then one day when I was going for a walk, this work of pure musical brilliance popped up in the headphones of my iPod. There was simply no turning back, I had to create an animation to this song.

I was introduced to Mew and their highly underrated album Frengers a few years ago, when my friend and partner in crime Johan Persson  got hooked on their fantastic melodies and saga resembling songs. Now I can’t stop listening to them. It’s been a long time since I was almost a hundred percent happy and satisfied with my work, but I gotta tell you, this time it’s really close. Hope you like it too, depressing as it may be.

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  1. Doxa

    You made me cry….😦

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