Done and I’m on to the next one!

I give you my final project! After two weeks of planning, filming, pretending, editing, coffee-drinking, writing, cursing, photoshopping, green screening, keying, tracking, et cetera et cetera, my music video to the Foo Fighters song Word Forward is finished. And when you are the sole person who have made every single part of a project (except for the song, obviously), you feel a bit more proud than other days.

This is as much an homage to my all-time favourite band as it was a test for me, in improving my skills when it comes to film-making. I thought that this song really needed a music video, and for several months I’ve had a vision in my head where I’m the one making it. The result is nowhere near my original thought, but I’m really satisfied anyway, as I think it turned out much better than expected. I wanted to add a story to the whole thing, as I think that many artists and bands these days miss out on the opportunity to do that when they’re making videos. It’s always the same “show-your-or-someone-elses-body-in-skimpy-outfits-for-two-verses-and-two-choruses-then-everyone-will-dance-in-the-end-and-the-choreography-will-be-fucked-up-since-every-normal-dance-has-been-done-already”, and that’s not my cup of tea. I know this is a lot of dravel, so if you’re just really interested in watching the video, do that. If you are interested in my dravel, keep reading!

I also wanted to include a lot of elements in the shape of lyrics and pictures that are related to the Foo Fighters. Simply because I want every fan (and hopefully member of the band) to enjoy the ride, wanting to watch it again and again, figuring out where everything comes from. I love trivia. It took a lot of time matching it all together though, turning it into a story, but hopefully the message is going through. I’m really hoping that the video reaches the band one day, so please feel free to spread it to everyone you know who enjoys Foo Fighters!

Before I finish, I have to thank Peter Asp and Magnus Nyberg for lending me essential equipment. A big thanks to Johan Lindhe as well, who tipped me off about the place in the woods where I filmed the whole thing. Big up! Enjoy the video as many times as you like. And never stop dreaming!

World Cup here we go!


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2 responses to “Done and I’m on to the next one!

  1. Shit loads of awesomeness, baby bro! You certainly rock. When did you shoot the Wembley parts? Those were great.

    Now I feel totally safe in leaving some Nosabajen pics for you to work your magic with. If I ever get the time to pick some damn pics, that is.

    Well well, look forward to seeing you soon. Have a safe trip home!

  2. David

    This comment, along with the comment I just posted on your facebook page, comes a tad late, I am well aware of that. Blame is on you really though, for not telling me about the awesomeness that you apparently have acquired of late. Video kicks ass. And this is after what, how long an education? In a couple of years time you’ll be animating avatars if you keep this pace up…

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